Hot New Titles!!

Want to play Lanterns, or Nevermore, both hugely popular at GenCon? We now have them in our play-to-win event!! Let’s have some fun this weekend!! Bring your friends and family, we’ll see you there!!

Sign ups now online!

Sorry for the lack of updates here, but we’ve been extra busy, and posting everything new on our Facebook page at www.facebook,com/stgconut


Check out our tournaments and RPG pages, under the events tab, sign ups are live! You can start planning your STGCON weekend now!

We will have sign ups for Play-to-Win games and Scheduled board games very soon!


Who said STGCON is only about board games? Well fear no more my RPG playing friends! (Or those who want to know more about them…..)

We will have several RPG games going on at STGCON! We have our own Wizards of the Coast sanction League DM’s for D&D 5th Edition, as well as Castles and Crusades adventures, and many more to be announced! As we get nearer to STGCON, we will have the games listed on our scheduled gaming so that you can get in on the fun!

Stonemaier Games

Ok, Jamey Stegmaier, of Stonemaier Games is a really smart guy. Not only does he understand the importance of play to win as part of a good convention, but he sent us the ultimate prize – the Treasure Chest! Some lucky player will end up taking this one home, but we’re not sure what we will be tying it to yet. All will be revealed just before STGCON!

Greater Than Games

What! Another play to win title! This one is from Greater Than Games – Sentinel Tactics! It’s a great tournament game that we hope to incorporate in the future! We will also have our local Sentinels of the Multiverse master on hand to demo that line of the game as well! Look for it in our scheduled gaming coming soon!

Ares Games

Ares games rocks! You will not want to miss out on playing these awesome games! Not only will we be doing a demo of their “Wings of Glory” Line, but we are adding these great titles to the game library – Galaxy Defenders, Battle of the five armies, Aztlan, and Inkognito! Check out their website for all of their upcoming releases!


Czech Games Edition is a big sponsor with 2 of their latest hits! Tash-Kalar and Alchemists will be in our play to win category! So many games to play and possibly win in one weekend! Check out their website for all of the latest and greatest from CGE!