We saw a great turnout this year, and with a great new location that can grow with us, you can bet we’re excited about STGCON 2017! We’ll be keeping an eye on what’s new in the industry so that we can bring you the best event possible next year! 

We look forward to seeing you at STGCON 2017!

What is STGCON?

STGCON is the first board game convention to be held in the St. George, Utah area. We will offer lots of open space for playing board games as well as tournaments and learn-to-play events. For a full weekend of 24-hour board gaming, as well as the many other scenic opportunities available in the local area, you will be sure to enjoy STGCON.


What is a “Board Game Convention”?

Monopoly, LIFE, Yahtzee, Scrabble, Sorry and many other games are some titles we all grew up with. In the past 20 years, board games have evolved to include more strategy, and quite a bit more variety. Some of these include Ticket to Ride, Catan, Agricola, and Small World. Whatever you like, there is sure to be a game that fits your interest.

We have all sat around the kitchen table to play a game at one point or another. A board game convention is  the same idea, but on a much larger scale. Typically games are set up on multiple tables throughout a large space, such as a conference room.


There are hundreds of board games, card games, classic games, and other styles of games to pick from. These games are available through the game library, or by playing with other attendees. Many people travel from around the region to attend, and meeting new people and learning new games makes for a fantastically fun weekend getaway.

In addition to all the games available to play, there are vendors and demonstrations throughout the event. Game designers will use events like this to “test play” new games as well, giving us all a sneak peek at something we might see on the shelves in stores in the future.IMG_3714

Vendors like to show us all the latest and greatest, as well as reminding us of the favorite items still available.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at


How was 2015? Check out the pdf version of the 2015 STGCON Program Guide.