In 2016, we had over 60 Play-To-Win games that were sent home with our attendees. As we start getting our games in for 2017, we will add them to the list here on this page.

Here are the rules:

“Play-to-Win” games will be available throughout the convention, and each time you play a game, you will be entered into a drawing to win that game. You will also be able to take out our library copies (if available) on a first come, first served basis and play those in order to to get entries into the drawing! The “Play-to-Win” drawings will be on Sunday at 4pm.

“Play-to-Win” Rules:

  1. Register for a “Play-to-Win” game. (Please do not ‘squat’ on a game if others are waiting to play.)
  2. Play a “Play-to-Win” game.
  3. Each Player, after playing a “Play-to-Win” game, fills out a raffle ticket for the game they played. (Limit 1 entry per day, per game)
  4. Return the completed “Play-to-Win” raffle ticket to the Game Library.

“Play to Win” Drawings Rules:

  1. “Play-to-Win” raffle tickets will be randomly drawn.
  2. Each “Play-to-Win” game will have one winner drawn for each copy of the prize that is available for giveaway. Each player can only win 1 game.
  3. Players NEED to be present to win. Your full name (first and last) MUST be on the ticket. Any entries that include other information will be disqualified (Bernard family, Rooster, The King, etc….)

2017 Play-To-Win Games:

Games will be added as we receive them. Clink on the Game Title for a link to the BoardGameGeek page.

  1. Hoyuk – MAGE Company
  2. Res Publica 2230AD – MAGE Company
  3. Emergence – The Emergence Team
  4. Unexploded Cow – Cheapass Games
  5. Stuff and Nonsense – Cheapass Games
  6. Kill Dr. Lucky: 19.5th Anniversary Edition – Cheapass Games
  7. Tak – Cheapass Games
  8. Aztlan – Ares Games
  9. Innovation – Asmadi Games
  10. Guildhall Fantasy Coalition – AEG
  11. Go With The Flow – Arctic Fox Games
  12. Word Pirates – Haywire Group
  13. Number Ninjas – Haywire Group
  14. Claws, Jaws, and Paws – Haywire Group
  15. Euphoria – Stonemaier Games
  16. Mythe – Passport Games Studio
  17. Titan Race – Passport Games Studio
  18. Versailles – Passport Games Studio
  19. CVlizations – Passport Games Studio
  20. Quartz – Passport Games Studio

… And More To Come!!!