In 2018, we had over 50 Play-To-Win games that were sent home with our attendees. As we start getting our games in for 2019, we will add them to the list here on this page.

Here are the rules:

“Play-to-Win” games will be available throughout the convention, and each time you play a game, you will be entered into a drawing to win that game. You will also be able to take out our library copies (if available) on a first come, first served basis and play those in order to to get entries into the drawing! The “Play-to-Win” drawings will be on Sunday at 4pm.

“Play-to-Win” Rules:

  1. Register for a “Play-to-Win” game. (Please do not ‘squat’ on a game if others are waiting to play.)
  2. Play a “Play-to-Win” game.
  3. Each Player, after playing a “Play-to-Win” game, fills out a raffle ticket for the game they played. (Limit 1 entry per day, per game)
  4. Return the completed “Play-to-Win” raffle ticket to the Game Library.

“Play to Win” Drawings Rules:

  1. “Play-to-Win” raffle tickets will be randomly drawn.
  2. Each “Play-to-Win” game will have one winner drawn for each copy of the prize that is available for giveaway. Each player can only win 1 game.
  3. Players NEED to be present to win. Your full name (first and last) MUST be on the ticket. Any entries that include other information will be disqualified (Bernard family, Rooster, The King, etc….)

2019 Play-To-Win Games:

  1. Steampunk rally – Roxley Games
  2. Super Motherload – Roxley games
  3. Codenames – CGE
  4. Codenames Pictures – CGE
  5. Palaces – Gorilla Games
  6. Spicy Dice – Enginuity Games
  7. A Fistful of Penguins – Wattsalpoag Games
  8. Echidna Shuffle – Wattsalpoag Games
  9. New York Slice – Bezier Games
  10. My Little Scythe – Stonemaier Games
  11. Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig – Stonemaier Games
  12. City of Gears – Greyfox Games
  13. Run, Fight, or Die: Reloaded – Greyfox Games
  14. Bushido with Rising Rage Expansion – Greyfox Games
  15. Soul of The Empire – Chara Games
  16. Sunset over Water – Pencil First Games
  17. The Cohort – Mage Company
  18. Fuse – Renegade Game Studio
  19. Most Wanted – North Star Games
  20. Cosmic Factory – Gigamic
  21. Triolet – Gigamic
  22. Squadro – Gigamic
  23. Quoridor Junior – Gigamic
  24. Pirate 21 – Indie Boards and Cards
  25. The Resistance – Indie Boards and Cards
  26. Shogunate – Action Phase
  27. Astro Drive – Stronghold Games
  28. The Bottle Imp – Stronghold Games
  29. No Siesta – Stronghold Games
  30. Brikks – Stronghold Games
  31. Steam Roller – Stronghold Games
  32. Gold Fever – Stronghold Games
  33. Eight Minute Empire – Red Raven Games
  34. Haven – Red Raven Games
  35. Lost Cities Rivals – Kosmos
  36. Ingenious – Kosmos
  37. Tiny Towns – AEG
  38. War Chest – AEG
  39. Roll for your life, CAndyman! – Smirk and Dagger Games
  40. Koi – Smirk and Laughter Games
  41. Tiny Epic Mechs – Gamelyn Games
  42. Truck off – Adam’s Apple Games
  43. Sword Crafters – Adam’s Apple Games
  44. The Neverland Rescue – Letiman Games
  45. The Mind – Pandasaurus Games