Are You Ready? We are!!!

We have been busy little bees here in St. George. We have a fantastic new location for STGCON 2016. We will be moving over to the Hilton Garden Inn, which has over 6,000 square feet of space for us to use. They are also doing a discounted room rate for us as well. Check that out on our Location page.


Our website is officially up and running. We also have links to sign up for volunteering, and teaching games on our Volunteer Page. A big shout out to Stonemaier Games for being ahead of the game, and sending us two awesome games for our Play-To-Win events. They are our first official 2016 sponsor, and we are thrilled! Check out our Play-To-Win page for more details on the games.


Our Game Library is getting a major overhaul. While the list we have currently is a little outdated, feel free to check it out for a good idea of what you can expect to see this year. If you are hoping to see a specific game, but it’s not there yet, feel free to Contact Us and ask if it will be available.


We are looking forward to another exciting year full of board games and friends!


Shaea Bernard

STGCON Organizer